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This is the current stable version of PHONEDIT Signaix.

Requirements (Excel Spreadsheet for Phonedit) Office Web Components
Setup PHONEDIT Signaix Setup
Registration Key Registration Key

PHONEDIT Signaix is totally free but you need to be registered to use it.

In order to use Excel in PHONEDIT Signaix, you need to have Microsoft Excel 2003/2010 and the Office Web Components installed on your machine.

If there is a problem with the Excel Spreadsheet on Phonedit, look at the Toubleshooting guide

Installation Instructions

Double click PHONEDIT Signaix Setup.exe. The setup program requires administrator privileges.

When you launch PHONEDIT for the first time, The following dialog appears:

Figure caption2

1. Enter the registration key that you downloaded in the Registration Key field.

2. You need to fill out three fields (City/Country, Registration Organisation and Registration User)

3. Restart PHONEDIT Signaix.

Previous Releases

Previous Releases.